Genealogy, et Cetera
and Celebrities, et Cetera

By Rod Dav4is
Annex: Eliminating internal title abbreviations

I use a number of abbreviations to allow me to cram more data into the somewhat limited fields of my genealogy program, which is Family Tree Maker® (FTM). These are all (so far) title abbreviations, such as "Ab`" for "Archbishop of".

These get translated when I produce the ODT pages, but had sneaked through into the Annex, and into my ancestry tree.

I have put in place a process to also translate these before placing in the Annex. These will be eliminated from that venue by attrition, as the various families' data gets replaced.


Netscape rendering of the news blog

I am aware of the problem that early versions of Netscape have rendering this blog, and have a fix, already applied to my Viewpoints blog. I'll be applying the fix here this weekend.


Reverse links

The little button in the NE corner of each page, labeled "Links", will display a list of pages that link to the current page. I had previously been using Google for this, but discovered that the Lycos search engine shows many, many more linking pages than Google -- 1200 vs 20.

At the same time, I improved the internal structure such that use of this button on the home pages of Generalogy, et Cetera and of Celebrities, et Cetera will show a more accurate list of linking pages.


Cyrus Read TEED
Cyrus Teed was the originator of the Hollow Earth theory and founder of the Koreshan cult. I strongly suspect that he is connected to my other Teeds, but have been unable to prove it. I just discovered a short online biography of him, and was able to add some family information to my database. These folks will not show up on my ODT pages until the connection is made, but they do show in the Annex. See the subject URL. -R.

Celebrity indices: cross references
I have added cross references in the index pages for a/k/a and née names. This will increase the size of the pages, but should make the indices more useful as an alternative to search. -R.

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