Genealogy, et Cetera
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By Rod Dav4is
2004-07-15 wants me to upgrade to Family & Local Histories

Why I resist upgrading: (despite $40 discount from $80)

  1. These are images, not text. And their image viewer really sucks.
    • It only works with MSIE
    • You have to enable it every time you use the facility
    • It won't navigate from one find to the next.
    • Etc.
  2. It overlaps another of their resources (GenLib) to which I already have a subscription. (e.g. The Quaker Ogdens in America is in both. This overlap is not mentioned, leading one to believe that this represents a wholly new collection.
  3. Dishonest statement of publication dates in their index of the contents and when showing hits on searches. E.g. Hawley's Annals of Brookfield is stated as having a publication date of 1987, when it was actually published in 1929. It may have been reprinted in 1987, but it is still the 1929 work with no additions or corrections. To state it as a 1987 work is designed to make it appear as a modern work, when it is not.

This sort of sharp merchandising is typical of the Ancestry/FTM/MyFamily conglomerate. -R.

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