Genealogy, et Cetera
and Celebrities, et Cetera

By Rod Dav4is
Improvements to Celebrities, et Cetera

I'm in the midst of making some cosmetic improvements to the indices of the Celebrities branch of my site:
  1. I finally figured out a table format that seems to work for most browsers. This will make for a neater appearance.
  2. The images are moved to the right edge of the content area, where they don't compete with the text. Unfortunately, this requires CSS, so browsers without that capability -- e.g. OffByOne -- will see the images inside the text area, and only the text for the associated individual will flow around the image.
  3. Better graphics for the key (in the left margin), larger and more uniform in size.
  4. The cross-references will become links to the individual's main entry in the index. (Presently, these go to the individual's page.)
  5. For lengthy indices, I will provide a secondary index navigation vector, e.g. on the A... page, to the names beginning with Ac, Ad, Ae, Al, Am, An, Ap, Ar, As, At, Av.
  6. For individuals lacking their own page, I will be able to include a short text description directly on the index page.
These changes will be completed in the next few days. Presently, only the main indices are changes (A..., B..., etc.). -R.

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