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By Rod Dav4is
Breakthrough: Elzora Morehouse

It is said that Elzora "ran off" with a married man and her husband, Charles, subsequently obtained a divorce.

Dressed all in black, Elzora quietly went from room to room in the middle of that night, kissing each of her children goodbye. She came at last to Elsie's room and embraced her tearfully. She then climbed out the bedroom window and ran across the lawn to the carriage that had been waiting for her, the driver hidden in shadow.

Elsie never saw her mother again, except that she thinks she saw her once years later at the Danbury Fair.

It is said that Elzora died in 1900 in NY and was buried in Granby, CT, which is in the north-central part of the state, north of Hartford.

Elzora had been a double enigma for years. No one in the family knew anything about her origins -- except for her name -- nor did anyone really know what became of her. Until this month, when I located her in Orcutt's "History of New Milford", hiding under the name Algora. This was confirmed in Marie Bonafonte's WorldConnect database ("Morehouse, Rowley, Bonafonte and Allied Families"), uploaded only a few months ago.

Now she is only a univalent enigma: What did become of her?

Elzora was my great great grandmother.

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