Genealogy, et Cetera
and Celebrities, et Cetera

By Rod Dav4is
New usability items
  1. Nav Buttons

    The three buttons shown at right are placed on many pages. They appear in a fixed position in the middle of the right margin, as if attached to the scroll bar. The top button takes you to the top of the page, and the bottom button takes you to the bottom of the page. The middle button takes you to a table of contents for the page (or something similar). You will notice that these buttons are placed on a lower stratum than the rest of the page, so that, for example, the "WEEK230" shown here will scroll over the buttons.



  2. New/changed marker

    Hovering the mouse cursor over the red bullet will display a tooltip showing the date the item was changed.



  3. ODT Easter eggs

    The generation numbers of each individual (to the left) are now on-page links to that individual's parent.

    Referring to the image at right, clicking on any of the "7"s will bring "6 BALDWIN, Samuel" to the top of the page. Clicking on any of the "6"s will bring "5 BALDWIN, John" to the top of the page, and so on.

    This feature can be used to put together a pedigree for any individual on the page,

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